Monday, June 24, 2013

I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously!

We love the movie, Pitch Perfect. In the movie Fat Amy says, "No, don't sign me up for cardio." Then a little later says, "I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously!" Well, I should have done some cardio. Any cardio, before coming to DC! I am worn out!! Of course everybody doesn't do vacation like we do. Who am I kidding most people don't do life like we do! We squeeze every ounce of fun out of the good days. You never know when a bad day will sneak in.
Today we started early! We had a tour at the Library of Congress at 8:45.


Then we went to the Capitol!

Love the inside if the doom! It is a beautiful building!
We were able to walk from the Library of Congress to the Capitol via the underground tunnel. That was fun.
We realized how blessed we are we walked right in to the tour. We only waited about 5 minutes. Everything was timed perfectly for us today.
We decided to see what was going on at the Supreme Court.

We got to look around....

Got to love the spiral staircases!!!

Here is a peak into the chambers! The media was all outside because there where four big cases and they wanted to report on the rulings.

Ok!! Finally!!!! It is lunch or a late lunch. We walked a couple of blocks to Union Station. They have shops and a great food court.

And did I say it was beautiful!!

After lunch we headed to the Air and Space Museum. We toured the whole thing!

This is the actual Wright Brothers Plane. My personal favorite exhibit at the Air and Space.

We then headed to the American Indian Museum. It is incredible.

The last thing before heading back to the metro and hotel, we stopped at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. We were hoping to tour, but all the tickets were gone for today. So we checked out the gift shop. Maybe tomorrow!

That is $100 shredded
Notes they are standing next too!

We accomplished a lot of sight seeing today. With 17 Smithsonian Museums in DC, all the Memorials, the Capitol, Supreme Court, and I could go on.... there is so much to see. We want to see as much as possible. I have to say other than my legs trying to give out. I have enjoyed every moment!
So we are going to see how much we can do in the great city! Legs don't fail me now!!! Oh and if you are coming to DC....sign up for cardio!!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ring up Cyrus and tell him to buzz us through!

We watch the TV show scandal. So we walked up to the gate asking for Cyrus to ring us through! We didn't get detained or shot so all in all a good day. We also didn't get in!

After walking all around the outside of the People's House, we weren't invited to tour due to sequestration.
We headed to the Old Post Office. The building has the best views in DC since the Washington Monument is being repaired from the earthquake damage.

Beautiful building and great views from the clock tower!!!
Next we went to the Ford Theater.

Saw the actual gun Wilkes used to kill Lincoln. It was very small.

Then of course we toured the theater.

After a crazy day yesterday,plus the fact we have an early morning tour. We decided to head back.
Ok but we needed dinner! It is our anniversary 23 years to be exact!! So we went to a pizza place on Kings Street in Alexandria, VA. We spent our 20 to anniversary at Giordanno's in Chicago. So it is kind of a tradition.

Well another day down.

Think they are tired. They decided to smile for the picture. All sitting on the curb waiting for the bus.
Well, we are headed to the Library of Congress tomorrow.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Washington DC, 2013

We had a crazy day! We left our hotel early and headed to the Metro so we could figure it out and get started. We bought our one week short trip pass and headed to Arlington National Cemetery.

Arlington National Cemetery
This was not my first visit. But I am still totally blown away at the sacrifice of our military families so we can enjoy the freedoms of American? I am in awe of the men who serve at the Tomb Of the Unknown Solider! Through heat, cold, snow and even hurricanes, they don't want to leave their post! They are incredible! We were blessed to see not only the changing of the guard, but also a wreath laying ceremony.

We also stopped by and paid our respects to the Kennedy Family gravesides. The eternal flame is a very fitting tribute to John F. Kennedy. He was there only 12 days before he was assassinated in Dallas. He said, "It's so peaceful here, I could stay here forever."
After walking the hills of Arlington, we headed to the food court of the Ronald Reagan Building for lunch.
We then walked over to the National Archives and saw all the documents we cherish in this country. (Or should cherish!) The Declaration of Independence! The Constitution! The Bill of Rights!
We walked across the street, had pretzels and cokes from a street vendor and spent a little while in the Smithsonians Natural History Museum. We could not come all the way to DC and not see the Hope Diamond!

At 45 carrots it is not too shabby! We have spent time in the Natural History Museum in Chicago so after seeing the most incredible rocks!!

And of course the huge, hairy, 8 ton African bush elephant. Who can be found in the domed rotunda of the museum! We headed to the National American History Museum.
We headed to the 3 rd floor and started checking out the dresses worn by our First Ladies! Then to the 2 nd floor where we were in awe of the actual Flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner!! I loved this museum. We spent a lot of time here.

It is sad when you had all the above and it is in a museum!

Christian Parks thought this was a funny looking computer!

But to see Julia Childs actual kitchen was a blast for me!
Time for ice cream break in the cafe and then back to the metro!
Once we got our car we decided to drive by the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Absolutely beautiful at sunset!!!
Then we drove by the Pentagon and went to dinner!
In case you are wondering, we did way to much today! We are all very tired and our legs hurt!
Can't wait to see where tomorrow takes us!
Lisa B

Friday, June 21, 2013

We're back!

Well, I cannot believe it has been so long since I have blogged! I am shocked! But, life at the Bennett House has been on full speed ahead and I have not been able to keep up. So, we are doing a road trip and friends have asked me to start it up again so they can follow along.

The mini van is packed.
6 suitcases
2 snack bags
1 camera bag
iPads, iPods, kindles, DVD,and iPhones
1 cooler
4 kiddos
2 parents
Multiple pillows and blankets
And a little creeper or photo bomber you choose!

This is my view from the front. They look happy! After watching almost 5 movies, we arrived in Alexandria, Virginia. As we were unpacking a man walking by commented we were the party van. It seems we are still happy! We have 5 days to explore DC before we head to Philadelphia. We will be starting at Arlington Cemetery tomorrow morning. Goodnight! Now if only the littlest Bennett would go to sleep!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Masters

I did not watch the entire Master's Tournament, but my loving husband did give me a blow by blow. I did sit with him on Sunday and watch the last few hours. At 6pm it was still any ones win, if they wanted to grab the green jacket. I am not a golfer. I am not a golf tournament watcher, although I love to take a nap to one. I am married to a golf pro (he still has his card). So even I understand the reverence of this tournament. To be honest, I want to go to this tournament and we are trying to get tickets next year. I want to rant here for just a moment. I have a real issue with the coverage of the Masters. It looked like to this mom it was the Tiger Woods show. Every shot he took was live and the leader Rory was taped? Yes, Tiger was making the Sunday charge and yes Rory was not doing so well on the back nine. But what about the two Austrailian boys who were playing their heart out and trying to win one Masters for Austrailia? What about the South African, Charl who was playing the best round of the day making incredible shots? No, we got quick taped snippets of them and had to watch every single moment of Tiger. I am not a Tiger hater or lover. He is just a golfer to me. However as a mother to three girls and one very competitive boy, I have something to say.... "Mr. Tiger, my understanding is you are an incredible golfer. You make around 100 million dollars every year. Wow! I think that is wonderful. I am a firm believer that people should get paid for their efforts and abilities. I understand you put in hours on the putting green and I thank you. Perhaps you could take some of that 100 million and buy some manners and a little (ok, a lot ) of sportsmanship. When Rory Mcilroy who had lead the Masters lost it on the back nine. He walked off the 18th hole and as he was heading to the score tent gave his ball to a young boy there. Rory is a 21 year old with incredible sportsmanship. Even on one of the most depressing nine holes of his life, he gave a great interview. Focused on the positives and did so with dignity. If you have had a bad day you would never give an interview. You don't seem to realize the only reason you have the endorsements you have is because of your fans. As a mom let me remind you, you are getting paid lots of dollars to play a GAME! It is your JOB! If my husband stopped in the middle of his office and yelled the F word every time things weren't going well he would be fired. I think you need to buy some manners, sportsmanship and a clue. You have a great life. You get paid to play a game! A GAME! Get happy! If you can't get happy, then quit golf and get a real JOB. FYI, you might want to get a better attitude or you will never make it in the 9-5 world." To all professional sportsmen who get paid to should wake up happy everyday! Why wouldn't you love the life you have? What an honor to get paid and paid well to play! Why not wake up and thank God for the opportunity He has given you! How about a smile! You could be making minimum wage and punching a time clock. GET HAPPY!! Thank you for letting me rant. As a true Southern Woman, I have a hard time with lack of manners, lack of sportsmanship, and lack of interity. Lisa B

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!

My sweet family is incredible. When I asked everyone to help take Christmas down no one complained. There was however a round of groans, but we made it a game. We took down two trees, snow babies, a couple of villages....lots of other items all over the house in 2 1/2 hours. I am talking boxed up and put in the attic. No items were broken and everything to its original box. It did take another hour to clean the house up and I was blown away. Honestly thought it would take several more hours. One of our trees is 12 feet tall...I almost put it through the window putting it up. So, I let Christian take it down.

This year my family is trying a few new things, one is we are seeing if we can eat at home more instead of eating out. We want to take the money we would spend eating out and go on a trip. OK lets be honest here, more trips. Maybe a long weekend or a ski add to the trips I am already putting in the works. If this year can turn out half as good as last year we will consider ourselves blessed!

Another thing we are continuing from last year is couponing. We started last year and it is addictive. I went yesterday for my first trip of the new year. It was exciting to get $182 worth of groceries for $82. I am not as good as some of the women, but it excites me! My little CB loves to watch the monitor to see how much I save and is quick to tell his dad how much I have spent. I am the crazy lady at the store with her coupon notebook, 3 kids in tow and in search of all the deals.

One more thing our family is planning to hike the Blue Beaver Trail this Spring. We are going to hike up Lookout Mountain and then ride the Incline down. Sounds crazy! I just wonder how much of the mountain I will have to carry Haley up? Oh well, I am sure we will all have fun!

Until next time!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Taming Raw Energy!

Life changed at the Bennett house Thursday night when Christian (little) turned his ankle and heard a pop! When our neighbor carried him home...I had no idea my life would be over for at least the next two weeks. That sounds whiney and I hate whiney, but you are not here!

Friday we spent all day at doctors offices and x-rays only to end up with a boot and crutches (little calls them crunches). It was all fun and games for the next thirty minutes as he told everyone he had crunches. Then we got home and reality set in, actually it hit him upside the head. What do you mean I have to relax? Sit in a chair? Watch TV? Play video games? Read a book? It was at that moment I realized, he doesn't do those things. At least not very long or for not more than 30 minutes at a time. A trip to Toys R Us to buy new video games...really helped for another 30 minutes.

I am not a scientist or an engineer, if I were perhaps I would know how to tame raw energy. I really need that particular skill. Right now we are just trying to get through every second, minute and hour. Don't get me wrong we are not miserable. He doesn't hurt. The problem is he wants to take the boot off. His arms are tired of the crunches. He doesn't want to watch to TV. He doesn't want to play video games...he's done that. He wants to go outside. He needs fresh air. He wants to go to his friends house. He wants to do anything except sit and relax.
Like I said, how do you tame raw energy. How do you pin a cloud down? How do you keep looking in those sad baby blues? How do you do this for two weeks?

I know these next few weeks will be...trying. In 19 years of children we have been so blessed. We have never had any broken bones. Our children have never been really sick. Thank you God! Thank you for always taking care of my family. Thank you for the blessings You continually pour out on us. We are blessed!