Monday, June 24, 2013

I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously!

We love the movie, Pitch Perfect. In the movie Fat Amy says, "No, don't sign me up for cardio." Then a little later says, "I should have taken that cardio tip more seriously!" Well, I should have done some cardio. Any cardio, before coming to DC! I am worn out!! Of course everybody doesn't do vacation like we do. Who am I kidding most people don't do life like we do! We squeeze every ounce of fun out of the good days. You never know when a bad day will sneak in.
Today we started early! We had a tour at the Library of Congress at 8:45.


Then we went to the Capitol!

Love the inside if the doom! It is a beautiful building!
We were able to walk from the Library of Congress to the Capitol via the underground tunnel. That was fun.
We realized how blessed we are we walked right in to the tour. We only waited about 5 minutes. Everything was timed perfectly for us today.
We decided to see what was going on at the Supreme Court.

We got to look around....

Got to love the spiral staircases!!!

Here is a peak into the chambers! The media was all outside because there where four big cases and they wanted to report on the rulings.

Ok!! Finally!!!! It is lunch or a late lunch. We walked a couple of blocks to Union Station. They have shops and a great food court.

And did I say it was beautiful!!

After lunch we headed to the Air and Space Museum. We toured the whole thing!

This is the actual Wright Brothers Plane. My personal favorite exhibit at the Air and Space.

We then headed to the American Indian Museum. It is incredible.

The last thing before heading back to the metro and hotel, we stopped at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving. We were hoping to tour, but all the tickets were gone for today. So we checked out the gift shop. Maybe tomorrow!

That is $100 shredded
Notes they are standing next too!

We accomplished a lot of sight seeing today. With 17 Smithsonian Museums in DC, all the Memorials, the Capitol, Supreme Court, and I could go on.... there is so much to see. We want to see as much as possible. I have to say other than my legs trying to give out. I have enjoyed every moment!
So we are going to see how much we can do in the great city! Legs don't fail me now!!! Oh and if you are coming to DC....sign up for cardio!!!!

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